ANNUAL SITES currently For Sale in Regatta Point Holiday Park


Site: 038


$15,500 ONO






0407 948 311



Spacious Van and Annex

Close to new amenities

Water views

Private and well maintained

Can sleep 4 people (6 max)

Walk in/Walk out excludes Weber BBQ and bed-linen.

Annual fees from 1st July 2021 – $5,200  (+ utilities are extra)

Site: 045








0419 333 309



21′ modern, fully ensuited caravan with aluminium annexe, and timber decking

Water views

Private setting

Can sleep up to 6 people max

Walk in/Walk out includes 2 x outdoor sheds.

Annual fees from 1st July 2021 – $5,200  (+ utilities are extra)


Site: 064








02 6493 4253



Spacious Van and Annex

Very Close to amenities

Newly established garden and Car/Boat space

Very Private and well maintained

Can sleep up to 4 people or more

Annual fees from 1st July 2021 – $4,900  (+ utilities are extra)


Site: 087








0400 329 784



Spacious Van and Annex

With Car/Boat space

Very Private 

Can sleep up to 6 persons max

Walk in/Walk out excludes boat and fishing gear.

Annual fees from 1st July 2021 – $4,900  (+ utilities are extra)


Site: 095


$29,500 ONO






0401 208 669



Caravan and Annex with enclosed deck and ensuite.

Private and well maintained

Can sleep up to 6 persons max

Walk in Walk out excludes boat, bird cage and personal belongings.

Annual fees from 1st July 2021 – $4,900  (+ utilities are extra)



Site: 102









0448 283 732



Very Good Condition

Covered Front Verandah


Annual fees from 1st July 2021 – $4,900  (+ utilities are extra)



If you are to make an offer on any of the vans for sale it is recommended that the offer is made subject to an on-site Orientation with park management to ensure that fees are not outstanding or alterations are required to the site. Before any money is exchanged when purchasing an Annual Van/Cabin please be aware that some vans may need work carried out in order for them to comply with Park and or Council regulations. Once a sale occurs the new owner will be responsible for any fees outstanding including the final electricity account plus any work needed on the site.

Please Note: It is a requirement that a Site Orientation be carried out with park management on-site prior to purchasing a cabin or van.

  • Any van sale that occurs, that is not listed through Regatta Point Holiday Park’s office or does not take the required steps listed above prior to the sale, will be given 21 days to be removed from their site.
  • NOT all Annual Van Sites in Regatta Point Holiday Park are ensuited!
  • All accounts such as site fees, electricity accounts and sundries will need to be finalised before any sale is complete and new owners are recognised.
  • On the day of sale both the vendor (current owner) and the purchaser will need to be on site to: –

– Exchange keys

–  Finalise any moneys outstanding including the final electricity reading.

–  Sign a park copy of the bill of sale.

For any further information, refer to the following downloads for the:-

Or please email


Annual Van General Information

The following is an extract from the full version of the Regatta Point Holiday Park Rules included in the Long Term Casual Occupation Agreement.  It is meant as a guide only in answering the most frequently asked questions.  For more information, please contact our office between 8.30am – 5.00pm Monday-Friday on (02) 6493 4253.

Occupation Agreements

From 1st July 2001 it became mandatory for holiday van owners to sign a Short Term Agreement setting out the rights & responsibilities of both parties.


Site Fees for this financial year (2020/21) are:      $1,225.00 – 1,300.00/qtr

                                                                                       $4,900.00 – 5,200.00/yr

Site fees are due: 1st July, 1st Oct, 1st Jan & 1st Apr in advance.  Site fees are subject to change at the beginning of each financial year. 

All accounts are payable ONLY via the Westpac PAYWAY debiting system from either a nominated bank account or credit card. 
Accounts are sent out each quarter.

Your electricity account metered at the normal

domestic tariff of:                                    $0.3058 /kWh

plus an Electricity Access Fee of:          $56.81 /qtr

(Electricity tariffs are subject to an increase from 1st Sept).

Your water account metered at the normal

domestic tariff of:                                    $3.10 /kL
(Water tariffs are subject to increase from 1st July).

Van Usage                                                   

The maximum number of persons to occupy the van at any one time is 6 persons (including infants).  Occupation of your van is limited to six continuous weeks, and to a maximum of 150 days each financial year included in your fees.  You may occupy your van for a maximum period of 180 days in any financial year.  These extra days attract extra fees at the visitor rate.  You cannot occupy your van on a permanent basis at any time.


Your site fees cover 6 nominated people.  All others will be charged at the visitor rate of $15 per adult and $10 per child, infants 0-2 years free.  This includes day visitors – that is, any persons who stay on the site longer than 4 hours in any one 24 hour period.  Please have your visitors register at reception during office hours.  This register assists in maintaining accurate records and maintains security, likewise when trades people are attending your van.


Requirements within all Holiday Vans                

At the time of the proposed sale, the van must have-

  • Earth leakage device (RCD)
  • Smoke alarm to meet new 2011 regulations.
  • Fire extinguisher & Fire blanket


Your van must be insured including a minimum $10 million public liability component.  An office copy of the “Certificate of Currency” is required annually.


Any construction other than the van and annexe particularly any combustible awning such as canvas, blue plastic or similar must be removed from the site when the van is purchased to reduce the risk of fire hazard in the park.

Alterations and Additions   

Projects must be approved by management before the commencement of any work.  Site proposal application forms are available from the office.


A parking space is provided for 1 vehicle ONLY.  A second vehicle may be permitted only if it’s parked wholly on the site. A trailer or boat are counted as a vehicle.

Sale of Vans On-Site                            

Management reserves the right to refuse consent to any proposed sale of any caravan or relocate-able onsite in the park. Any sale and ongoing occupancy shall be subject to the expressed written consent of the proprietor.

Site Orientation

It is recommended that a site orientation with Park Management be carried out before any money is exchanged on van purchases within the park.  The orientation will cover all aspects of owning a van such as car parking, boat storage, alterations to the site, visitors, etc.  Due to high weekend trade and staff workload, the site orientations can only be conducted Monday – Friday during normal office hours. (Please contact the park to arrange this time in advance).  For any exchanges without completing the orientation, the new van owner will need to meet with management on-site for a site orientation within 14 days of the purchase date.


Pets are NOT permitted in this park, including visitor’s pets.