Regatta Point Holiday Park


Annual Vans (Holiday Vans)

An excellent way to have your own little bit of paradise on the Sapphire Coast, just a few hours drive from Canberra and surrounds, is to purchase an annual or holiday van, on-site caravan or cabin. These can range from very basic caravans to small cabins with decks and all the trimmings. Imagine deciding on the spur of the moment to get away from the madding crowds and not have to pack everything up, just head to paradise for a few days, a few weeks or a few months.

Annual fees range from $4900 to $5200 per year depending on size and location for a family (or group) of six for twenty-one weeks (150 days) occupation spread over the financial calendar year. Since February 2002 all annual vans in caravan parks have been covered by the Holiday Park Casual Occupation Act 2002. A booklet explaining the Act is available from any office of the Department of Fair Trading. Under these regulations park operators are required to disclose certain information covering occupation fees, extra charges, on-selling of vans, etc. All of the required information can be found in our disclosure document available on request. Email or telephone (02) 6493 4253.

If you are thinking about making an offer on any of the vans for sale, it is recommended that the offer is made subject to a final on site inspection with park management to ensure there no outstanding fees or work required on the van or site. Before any payment is made when purchasing an annual van please be aware that some vans may need work carried out in order for them to comply with Park or Council regulations. All vans, prior to sale must have an earth leakage device and smoke alarm fitted and be inspected by a qualified tradesperson; with any work required to be rectified within 21 days of the sale date.

We have a few vacant sites ready to install your van. If you don’t have your own van why not consider purchasing one already set up. That way you could enjoy your little bit of heaven very soon. Initial enquiries for vans for sale should be directed to the park on(02) 6493 4253. or

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