Regatta Point Holiday Park

About Us

About Us

Regatta Point Holiday Park – where tranquility finds you and sunsets and serenity are absolutely free. Set on over 5 hectares in a natural setting on the shores of beautiful Wallaga Lake, Regatta Point Holiday Park offers visitors a feeling of peace and tranquility amongst gums and casuarinas, magical water and mountain views, and abundant water and forest bird life.

Invest in some down time or be as active as you like. Adjacent coastal wilderness, national parks, state forests and marine park make Regatta Point ideal as a base for well being, creativity, culture, canoeing and a host of other natural or adventure experiences. A stay at Regatta Point will leave you enthralled with a timeless portrait of nature and tranquility.

What Wallaga Lake doesn’t have: There are no international resorts, no flashy nightclubs and no traffic lights. Instead you’ll find quiet stretches of squeaky golden sand, fantastic ocean vistas and tranquil bush walks. Kicking back behind sunglasses with a local wine in hand, you’ll feel your stress and worries sink into the tranquility like the setting sun. You will soon slip into a “not a worry in the world” state of mind.

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